Red-Hat Linux

Atech Academy offers Learn Programming  high-level languages Red Hat Linux Training.

Courses cover usage of all the necessary software and computer operations required in today's high-tech
world. Courses are customized according to candidates requirement. Part-time batches are also available.



  • Install Red Hat Satellite server with Subscription Asset Manager and comprehend the Red Hat Satellite organizations, roles, and users.
  •  Comprehend and employ basic LDAP concepts, use LDAP and Kerberos, and manage Red Hat Directory Server.
  • Configure a high-availability cluster, use either virtual or physical systems, manage logical volumes in a clustered environment, and configure a GFS file system.
  • Master basic service security, understand and use cryptographic tools, secure Berkley Internet Name Domain and Domain Name Service.
  •  Tune for power consumption, tune virtual machines, tune memory and caches.


  • Manage IPv6 networking
  • Control network port security
  • Control services and daemons
  • Manage DNS for servers
  • Configure email delivery
  • Provide block-based storage
  • Provide file-based storage
  • Configure link aggregation and bridging
  • Comprehensive review
  • Configure MariaDB databases
  • Bash conditionals and control structures
  • Provide Apache HTTPD web service
  • Write Bash scripts
  • Configure the shell environment
  • Linux containers preview

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