Bash Scripting

Atech Excel Solution offers Learn Programming  high-level languages Bash Scripting  training.

Courses cover usage of all the necessary software and computer operations required in today's high-tech
world. Courses are customized according to candidates requirement. Part-time batches are also available.


  • Understanding the shell structure and its environment
  • Learning the key features and fundamentals of bash scripting
  • Carrying out arithmetic operations in a shell script
  • Creating interactive scripts
  • Incorporating different functionalities including flow control and decision making
  • Understanding and implementing various functions


  • Comprehend Script Basics
  • Comprehend Variables
  • Comprehend Expressions
  • Comprehend Compound Commands
  • Comprehend Debugging and Version Control
  • Comprehend Console Scripting
  • Comprehend Functions & script execution
  • Comprehend Shell Security
  • Comprehend Network Programming
  • Comprehend awk Programming
  • Use Databases in Scripts

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