C/ C++ Language

Atech Excel Solution offers Learn Programming  high-level languages C  C++ training.

Courses cover usage of all the necessary software and computer operations required in today's high-tech
world. Courses are customized according to candidates requirement. Part-time batches are also available.



  • C Programs Identifiers Types Variables Constants Input / Output
  • Operators(Arithmetic relational logical bitwise etc.) 
  • Expressions Precedence and Associativity Expression
  • Evaluation Type conversions 
  • Statements- Selection Statements(making decisions) – if and switch statements
  • Repetition statements ( loops)-while for do-while statements Loop 
  • examples other statements related to looping –
  • break continue goto Simple C Program examples.
  • manipulation of strings functions and pointers
  • functions arrays and pointers recursion records (structures) and files


  • Making sense of core object concepts (Encapsulation Abstraction
  • Polymorphism Classes Messages Association Interfaces)
  • Implementation of class in C++ C++ Objects as physical object C++
  • object as data types constructor. Object as function arguments.
  • The default copy constructor returning object from function. Structures and classes. 
  • Classes objects and memory static class data. Const and classes
  • Concept of inheritance. Derived class and based class. 
  • Derivedclass constructors member function inheritance in the English
  • distance class class hierarchies inheritance and graphics shapes
  • public and private inheritance aggregation : Classes within classes
  • inheritance and program development.

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