Django Training

Atech Excel Solution offers Learn Programming  high-level languages  Django training.

Courses cover usage of all the necessary software and computer operations required in today's high-tech
world. Courses are customized according to candidates requirement. Part-time batches are also available.


  • Software tools for a Django development environment
  • Database abstraction (Object Relational Mapper)


  • Creation of a model
  • Model validation
  • Export and import of data (via JSON)
  • Working with an ORM on the commandline
  • Using Django's admin


  • Defining URLs at one place (Routing)
  • In-depth explanation of function based views
  • How to use class-based views
  • Creating templates using Django's template engine
  • How to handle static files in Django
  • Managing Django's settings
  • Different debugging techniques
  • Logging
  • Forms and their validation
  • Sending email using a form
  • Pagination
  • Authentication
  • Sessions and messages
  • Security
  • Write your own middleware
  • Create your own tags and filters

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